20+ hours of review lectures, the Paramedic NREMT Study Guide and end of section review quizzes

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    3. About the NREMT Exam

    1. Paramedic NREMT Study Guide

    2. Free Downloads

    1. Airway & Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology Lecture

    2. Airway & Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathophysiology Interactive Workbook

    3. Airway Management Lecture

    4. Airway Management Interactive Workbook

    5. Capnography & ABGs Review Lecture

    6. Capnography & ABGs Interactive Workbook

    7. Airway & Respiratory Review Quiz

    1. Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology & Electrophysiology Lecture

    2. Cardiac Pathophysiology Lecture

    3. Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathophysiology Interactive Workbook

    4. ACLS Lecture

    5. EKGs & Applied ACLS Lecture

    6. 12 Lead EKG Interpretation: The Basics Lecture

    7. 12 Lead EKG Interpretation: STEMIs

    8. 12 Lead EKG Interpretation Interactive Workbook

    9. Cardiology Review Quiz

    1. Neurology Lecture

    2. Neurology Interactive Workbook

    3. Toxicology Lecture

    4. Toxicology Interactive Workbook

    5. Neurology, Toxicology & Behavioral Review Quiz

    1. Pharmacology Review Lecture

    2. Pharmacology Interactive Workbook

    3. Fluid & Medication Math

    4. Immunology Lecture

    5. Immunology Interactive Workbook

    6. Pharmacology & Immunology Review Quiz

About this course

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Our Course

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  • Comprehensive review lectures, a visually appealing Paramedic NREMT Study Guide, and lots of other free downloads

  • 6 or 12 months of 24/7 access

  • End of section review quizzes so you can check your knowledge as you go

What our "students" are saying...

A Paramedic Program Director's Review

TJ, Paramedic Program Director, Illinois

The Pass with PASS program has proven to be the missing link for our students over the past 2 courses. With the change for Illinois paramedic programs over to NREMT testing, COVID, and internal program instructor issues, the hill was a steep one to climb! After seeing poor first-attempt pass rates on the NREMT exams from our students, I began researching study programs that were both cost-effective, and manageable. The Pass with PASS program breaks down content into very doable, bite-sized pieces that do not overwhelm the learner. The presentation format is effective in that it appeals to the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners- and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. Our students' next attempts at the NREMT have resulted in OVERWHELMINGLY positive outcomes, and I attribute that to this program. I continue to refer this program to my colleagues and students alike, and will forever be grateful for Brandon and Adam.

The 6th Time is the Charm!

Matt, Paramedic

​Hey guys, just received my results earlier this afternoon and finally got my Paramedic certification! After 6 attempts (yes I said 6) and another round of medic school, I finally passed the NREMT-P! I just wanted to thank you because your videos and Paramedic NREMT Study Guide really helped me achieve this goal. I really don’t think I could’ve done it without your help. I just wish I was exposed to Pass with PASS earlier when I began my road to my medic, it definitely would’ve shortened up my attempts! I highly recommend 12 out of 10 this information to anyone who’s aiming to tackle the NREMT and succeed! Can’t thank you all enough, now I can continue my career as a FF/Paramedic​.​

I Finally Passed!


I finally passed! I want to thank you guys so much for everything you guys do! Your program helped me out to the max. Totally helped me understand what I couldn't grasp when I was in paramedic school. With COVID, I wasn't motivated, but your program gave me the confidence I needed to pass! I couldn't have done it without the material and the way you guys teach it! Truly made a difference! Thank you guys again and I will recommend you to any future paramedic students!

6th Attempt Success!

Miles, Paramedic

After 6 attempts on the paramedic registry I finally passed with the help of your program. You guys are very good at explaining and breaking down the most important information we need to succeed. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you again for the help and I wish everyone success on beating this test!

It's Official!


My license and gold patch has finally come in! I want to thank you guys tremendously for helping me pass the nremt! I honestly believe you guys are the soul reason I passed on my third attempt. It is a great honor to have learned from you guys. I can’t begin to thank you enough for being a part of the start up of my career. I have told everyone I know to use your website. Even at my department I am working at I tell all are medic riders to use pass with pass immediately to start preparing for the test. I wish you guys the best in running an amazing business and teachings. Once again thank you so much!


RJ, Paramedic

I am writing because I want to thank you. Brandon and Adam, I feel like I owe you my life. For years I have dreamed of becoming a Paramedic (cliche' I know) but I actually have! I failed the NREMTP miserably three times. It was devastating. I was at my wits end. It was affecting my psyche, the way I treated my family, and the way I performed at work (Fire Department). I came across Pass with PASS. I purchased the NREMTP prep lectures and study guide. When I say it changed everything, it changed EVERYTHING. The way you guys explained the information made it just “click”? Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I have good reason to be very grateful to you guys. That reason is…I took the NREMTP for my fourth attempt after Pass with PASS and PASSED! I passed with Pass with PASS!!! Lol. I am ecstatic. I could cry. I DID cry! Thank you so much for all you do, I don’t know how I can ever repay you other than sharing website with upcoming students. Forever grateful, -RJ Garrison, PARAMEDIC 🚑

"I went through 5 different paramedic instructors..."

Kyle, Paramedic

I just finished the first lecture and am starting the second. I just want to thank you for making a great product. No bashing, but being honest - our paramedic program was a disaster. It was an 18-month program and we went through 6 different program coordinators, 5 different instructors, and sometimes no instructors. Also, COVID happened and we went online using Zoom, death by PowerPoint. So, I have been playing a lot of "catch up". I've never felt confident in any of the material. ​ The first lecture did more for me than anything did in class. I have my 2nd attempt in 10 days and the lectures and study guide will become my life until then. My only regret is not finding out about you guys sooner!

First Time Pass!

Ken, Paramedic

I absolutely know I used your program/product the most during my medic class! Accurate Quality! 👌🏼 It helped! 💯 It works! 😁 I say that because I passed my all my tests on first try except med math due to reading error 😅 NREMT P test 1st try, 75 questions! I’m excited to see your new revised content so I’ll probably buy it because it’ll be fun and easy to use just to stay on point with my medic! Cheers!


  • How long will I have access?

    It depends on the option that you choose. For $125, you will have full access for 6 months after purchase. For $187.50, you will have full access for 1 year after purchase!

  • Will this help me while I'm in the Paramedic Program?

    Of course it will! Our primary purpose is to help you prepare for the NREMT exam, but the content is the content. Our lectures and study guides will help you on your class exams, the Fisdap Predictor, etc. That's exactly why we offer the 1 year pricing option!

  • How do I know if the material "is sticking"?

    There is a review quiz at the end of each section. There is no "passing" grade, however, it should serve as a tool to check your knowledge upon completion of that section. There are explanations for the questions where an answer rationale would be helpful. We've also included a "Topics to Know" lesson under each section - this is an outline that highlights the topics/concepts that we feel are most important to your success on the NREMT exam. Prior to taking the exam, we highly recommend that you review every bullet point of the "Topics to Know" to ensure that you have a working understanding of that material.

  • Does the review course cover everything on the NREMT exam?

    If we covered everything in the Paramedic textbook and on the NREMT exam - the course would be much longer than 19 hours. We cover the topics/concepts that we feel are most important for your success on the NREMT exam for a particular topic. We don't have "the inside scoop" on the NREMT exam, but as long-time educators, we do have a pretty good feel for the most important topics and concepts!

  • I've been out of Paramedic class or over a year, is it too late for me?

    Heck no! Our program has helped students on their 6th attempt, 23 months out of Paramedic class. It is NOT to late, but know, the longer you are out of class, the harder it is to retain information. Our program can help, but YOU have to really want it!

  • What's the difference between this and the Paramedic Study Guide Bundle?

    The Paramedic Study Guide Bundle is exactly what it sounds like...a bundle of Paramedic study guides. There are no lectures included with the bundle. The Paramedic NREMT Review Course is the best of both worlds - the Paramedic NREMT Study Guide and lots of lectures!

  • Does this course meet the NREMT refresher requirements after failing the exam 3 times?

    No, it does not. This course is 20 hours in length and the NREMT requires the refresher course to be 30 hours in length. This course is designed to be a supplemental/resource to prepare for the NREMT exam. However, we do offer a 30-hour NREMT NCCP Refresher Course! Check it out on our products page!


Over 33 years of initial EMS education experience!

Co-Founder/Instructor Adam Peddicord

Adam has been a Paramedic since 1998. He started his fire service career in 1993. Since then, he has worked as a Paramedic for Transcare, Flight Paramedic for the University of Kentucky’s Air Medical Program, the Hebron Fire District, and most recently at Newport Fire Department. In 2022, he retired as a Battalion Chief/Paramedic and EMS Coordinator from the Newport Fire/EMS Department. He was also the Medical Commander of the Newport Police Department SWAT Team. He holds Associate Degrees in EMS Technology, Fire Science, and Nursing. He also holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Nursing and is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. As a Nurse Practitioner, Adam has experience in orthopedics and addiction medicine. Adam taught in the University of Cincinnati Clermont Paramedic Program from 2000-2016 prior to teaching in Gateway Community and Technical College's Paramedic Program from 2016 - 2022.

Co-Founder/Instructor Brandon Schoborg

Brandon is currently the Captain of EMS with the Hebron Fire Protection District. Previously, he was the EMS Education Manager for the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Paramedic Program, EMS Education Manager for the Columbus (OH) Division of Fire, and Director of EMS Education at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. Prior to starting at the Cleveland Clinic, Brandon spent 8 years in the fire service as a career firefighter/paramedic, SWAT paramedic and Assistant EMS Coordinator with the Newport Fire/EMS Department. During those years, he taught in the University of Cincinnati Clermont College and Gateway Community & Technical College Paramedic Programs. He completed his paramedic education at the University of Cincinnati in 2010. Brandon has an Associate’s Degree in EMS, Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, and a MBA in Healthcare Management.